Variation in blood pressure proving risk for cerebrovascular disease

File:Measurement of blood pressue in arm.jpg

More and more studies are revealing that mean blood pressure alone is not the only risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. This study from the Archives of Neurology notes that fluctuation in blood pressure over the long term, and noted that in patients with high BP and high fluctuation, frequency of infarction was higher (41%, compared with 22% for the control).

It’s important to note that the study did look at the patient’s with high BP and low fluctuation as well, however although the rate of white matter hyperintensity trended higher here, the result was not statistically significant. 

Clinically, it comes down to the fact that it’s not just hypertension, but variance in hypertension that counts as a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease. 

Read the story here

IMAGE: Pöllö


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