Polypharmacy in a monopill

The advancements in evidence based medicine have brought a great deal of specific treatments, but for patients this can result in a dizzying array of medications, which not only can rack up costs but can lead to difficulties with compliance.

The TIPS study, published in the Lancet last year, showed that efficacy was similar compared with using multiple separate medications, with similar levels of tolerability. Now further studies are being introduced to investigate the polypill further, with UMPIRE (Use of a Multidrug Pill in Reducing Cardiovascular Events) and SPACE (Single Pill to Avert Cardiovascular Events).

UMPIRE will look at higher risk patients, with those that have had a cardiovascular event previously or those at high risk as per Framingham criteria. 

It’s an area that is going to become a focus for the future – is it better to be able to titrate individual drugs for each patient, or to potentially – which combination is perfect for your patients?

Have a read of the news release from the Imperial College here

IMAGE: Pöllö


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