Important markers in chronic kidney disease

Depending on who you talk to, estimated GFR is of varying reliability in determining risk of adverse outcomes in chronic kidney disease. So, why not get a 100,000 patients with kidney disease and look at their eGFR, and see how it relates to mortality?

That’s what the authors of this study out of the Lancet have done, and pooled a meta-analysis of over 1,000,000 (you read that right) different urine protein dipstick measurements. 

The two key factors to keep in mind are an eGFR less than 60, and an ACR of 1.1mg/mmol or greater – both are independent predictors of mortality risk in the general population. The Archives of Internal Medicine also point out the importance of urinary ACR, particularly for diabetics. 

Read the full article here, and remember to record both of these next time you’re seeing someone with chronic kidney disease. 

IMAGE: Gray’s Anatomy


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