Time to be alARBed?

Worrying news out of The Lancet, with a new meta-analysis suggesting that ARBs are associated with an increased risk of cancer, specifically lung cancer. 

The meta-analysis looked at over 30,000 patients, with a slightly increased risk of new cancer occurrence (RR 1.08, 95% 1.01-1.15, p=0.016). When looking at lung cancer specifically, the risk was significantly higher – 25% higher in fact. Important to note that their are other more important risk factors – smoking and family history for example- but this is still one to be aware of. 

Bit of a worry, but before everyone goes around stopping their ARBs, extensive discussions need to be had with their treating physicians. This is limited data – it’s time for heavy investigation. 

Will this affect your prescribing? Educate yourself here.


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