Don’t rule it gout just yet…

And here it is – a simple set of diagnostic rules to help you rule out gout in those tricky swollen joints. This study out of The Archives shows us the essential seven factors to know:

  1. Male sex
  2. Previous arthritis attack
  3. Onset within one day
  4. Joint redness
  5. Involvement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint
  6. Hypertension (or one or more cardiovascular diseases)
  7. Serum uric acid level > 5.88mg/dL

If the score was 4 or less, it pretty much ruled gout out entirely. It becomes harder when the score was in the midrange – between 4 and 8 – and the authors suggest doing a good old fashioned joint aspirate was the way to go. 

Keep this rule in mind when you’re seeing your next suspected gout – read all about it here


2 thoughts on “Don’t rule it gout just yet…

  1. This is really useful! Thanks heaps for the update!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Let us know if there are other topics you want to know more about.

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