No more pricks

Glysens Incorporated: Glucose Monitoring for the Care of Diabetes

Diabetes is common and has a raft of complications, but one of the biggest issues is maintaining good glycaemic control, and one of the barriers many people have is the requirement to constantly check one’s sugars with a fingerprick. 

Enter GlySens, with a new sensor implanted into the tissues that can last more than a year to monitor glucose. Furthermore, the system connects wirelessly to record the results. 

It works by taking in glucose and oxygen from the surrounding tissues, then using the enzyme glucose oxidase, looks at how much oxygen was taken up compared with glucose. 

Can you imagine? No more fingerpricks for diabetic patients – just waltz into clinic and have your doctor download your last results onto the computer. Even better – if the system can be teed up with a subcutaneous pump to provide the appropriate amount of insulin…practically an artificial pancreas! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – this study has been done with only two pigs and it’ll be a while before we see human trials. 

Amazing nonetheless. Check out the full article over here


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