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It all began a few years ago – this meta-analysis came out and suggested that rosiglitazone increases your risk of myocardial infarction. Now comes this article from The Archives – another massive trial (over 35,000!) also showing the same problem – rosiglitazone carries more risk than first realised.

Risk of MI was increased (OR 1.28), but not CV mortality. If you take out the RECORD trial (which was unblinded), then the estimates are even higher. In fact, if you look at the other meta-analyses, the numbers look even worse. If you go have a look at the JAMA play on things, they say that there’s more stroke, heart failure and a higher all cause mortality in the rosiglitazone groups. 

Basically, you need to know that rosiglitazone carries a clearly higher risk of MI than its rival, pioglitazone. The FDA are keeping a very close eye on this one – look out for their ruling soon. 

Read more here, and see what the chairman of the EMDAC/FDA meeting has to say about things over at NEJM here.  

IMAGE: Gabriel Gonzalez


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