A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

Unfortunately, it’s going to have to after this massive multi-national meta-analysis from The Lancet looks into the dangers of diabetes. No doubt that we’re all aware of the complications, but this study took it further to quantitatively examine the risk of vascular disease with diabetes.

If you take those people with diabetes, the risks were higher for all vascular outcomes:

Vascular Outcomes in Diabetes
Vascular Outcome Hazard Ratio
Coronary Heart Disease 2
Ischaemic Stroke 2.27
Haemorrhagic Stroke 1.56
Unclassified Stroke 1.84
All other vascular deaths 1.73

So, it’s about twice the risk – nice to know the numbers. Next time you see someone with diabetes, remember to do everything you can to optimise all of their vascular risk factors – in fact, why don’t you start with their lipids, and explaining some dietary modification

This info is important for risk stratification, it’s important for prevention, and it’s important for management – get the full story over at The Lancet. Read some more on dietary modification in the Australian Family Physician here

IMAGE: Fritzs

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