Spend a penny and predict renal failure

When it comes to chronic kidney disease, both albumin-creatinine ratio (ACR) and eGFR are key predictors of outcomes – but you already knew that. Taking 24 hour urine samples is not so easy though, so Heerspink and colleagues had a look at measuring ACR for just the first urine sample in the morning. 

Taking patients from the RENAAL trial (which means just diabetic nephropathy), they found that a first void urinary ACR was a good predictor of adverse renal outcomes (hazard ratio 4.36). 

So for those diabetic patients with nephropathy – wake up, collect some urine, see your doctor for some fasting bloods, and you’ve got an excellent set of data before you’ve even had breakfast. 

Read the full story over here

IMAGE: Polarlys


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