When sugar isn’t just sugar

Whether you’re drinking a soft drink or eating a pavlova, it shouldn’t really matter right? After all, it all goes into simple sugars…but then this came out of Cancer Research, showing that pancreatic cancer cells look at glucose and fructose in an entirely different way. 

It’s all to do with transketolase flux, apparently. Of course – transketolase flux. You may of heard of transketolase in relation to thiamine deficiency. Maybe. 

In any case, fructose (more than glucose) induces this process resulting in an increase in proliferation of the tumour cells – not a positive thing. Fructose is not only found in your average fruits like grapes and apples – it’s also in soft drinks and some baked goods in the form of fructose corn syrup (which hasn’t had the best press lately). 

You’ve got to note however that this study isn’t suggesting that fructose causes pancreatic cancer – it’s just saying the if the tumour cells are there, fructose is more heavily involved in proliferation than glucose. 

What do you think – is there really a difference? Read the article and get the story for yourself here.

IMAGE: Donovan Driver


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