The future of health is calling – do you accept the charges?

There’s nothing quite like the mobile phone – along with the computing revolution and the internet, mobiles have changed the way we live. We’ve already started to see that come to the medical world – it’s time to see it help the rest of the world.

We can now use our phone in hospitals to check results, to look up conditions, to review formulas – all useful point of care type information that is now at our fingertips wherever we are. Although we commonly use these resources while in hospital or in clinic, the opportunity afforded to us now to bring it to the field, to areas that previously had poor access to technology.

This presentation from PSFK (a trends company from New York) goes into detail about technology, particularly mobile technology, and the impact it has on health around the world. Microscopes that hook up to your mobile, ‘smart’ labels on medications, web-based stethoscopes, even the mobile monitoring technology we talked about before – it’s all here.

Remember, these technologies aren’t just great to improve health where technology flourishes, it’s about bringing better health to communities without access. This is the future of the medical field, people – make sure you are in on it.

Read about PSFK here, or kick back and view the whole presentation full screen here.

By the way, if you have come across any great mobile apps, let us know – we’ll run an article soon on some of the favourites.

IMAGE: Blausen


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