Murphy’s sign, in black and white

The simple ultrasound is become a solid part of our clinical bedside mainstay, be it with a FAST scan in trauma, or with bedside echo in cardiology – it’s all about making a more accurate diagnosis quickly with no harm to the patient. In fact, as we recently mentioned, it may spell the end of the stethoscope. What if you could pick cholecystitis with it – and didn’t need to get the radiographer?

This study from the Annals of Emergency Medicine compared the accuracy of an ED physician vs. the radiology ultrasound for detecting cholecystitis, and found that the sensitivity and specificity were pretty similar for both. 

Although it will take a while before this kind of education reaches everywhere, simple extra skills like this are a big tool in the arsenal of the ED physician, especially when presented with something as nebulous as abdominal pain. 

It’s time to be paying a little more attention to the power of that ultrasound machine – read more on this here

IMAGE: sweetmusic_27


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