Stopping the popping

Inguinal hernias are without doubt one of the more common general surgical operations performed, and with the advent of laparoscopy, great debate ensued regarding which method is best for repair. 

A Cochrane review from almost 10 years ago found that laparoscopic repair had a higher risk of visceral injury, but quicker recover and less persisting pain. In terms of recurrence, it wasn’t the method that mattered, just the fact that a mesh would reduce it. A follow up review found that there wasn’t a great deal of data on the exact technique of laparoscopy surgery that should be used. 

This stats heavy article from the American Journal of Surgery performed a meta-analysis of outcomes, and found that whether lap or open, the outcomes were generally similar. Here though, they do say that the TAPP method ( ) has a higher risk of recurrence compared with TEP (). 

Have a read of it yourself over here – what technique do you use?

IMAGE: Halfalah


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