The antibiotic return serve

File:Enterobacter cloacae 01.png

The battle between bacteria and antibiotics has raged on since we decided to start fighting back, and bacteria have been coming up with clever ways to beat our drugs. Now we have the next evolution of ‘superbugs’ – and this one puts up a good fight. 

We’ve all come across the Enterobacteriaceae family – E. Coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella, and of course, Enterobacter. This study looking at sites in India and Pakistan revealed a new metallobetalactamase (MBL) mutation – NDM-1 –  that confers a level of multidrug resistance not yet seen – and the if this spreads worldwide, we’re all going to have a big problem. 

Remember, think of which bug and prescribe appropriately – don’t go broad unless you don’t have to. Check out this from the BMJ earlier this year looking at antibiotics given in primary care and the ongoing antibiotic resistance. 

MRSA, VRE, MDR-TB – the next acronym to be popular could be NDM-1. Keep an eye out for this potential new epidemic, and read the story over at The Lancet Infectious Diseases here



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