Taking it to HAART

There’s simply no doubting the amazing effect that HAART has had on reducing the impact of HIV on the world population, especially in developing countries. In Western countries the effect has also been quite marked – this study from Canada looks at viral load and new cases compared with antiretroviral coverage, and shows just how effective HAART is. 

In the years between 1996 and 2009, the number of patients receiving antiretrovirals increased by over 500%, while the number of new HIV diagnoses halved. HAART has got primary and secondary benefits in a wide range of populations, and with the different regimens, it can be a complicated pharmacological area, but one we all need to know about. 

You can read more about it over at the Lancet here. If you’re interested in HIV/AIDS on a global scale, check out the WHO’s efforts over here



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