Weight for it – it’s the waist that matters

Although keeping the fat off is important, a lot of people measure their success by measuring their weight, or if you’re a bit more advanced, by measuring your BMI (like the Wii Fit does). It is important not to forget that’s not all that matters – this study from the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that waist circumference is independently important. 

Looking at 48,500 men and over 56,000 women from the CPS-II Nutrition Cohort, the study looked at waist circumferences within certain BMI groups. If you weren’t in the lowest waist circumference group for that BMI, then you had a higher risk of all cause mortality. Looking at the causes (BMI adjusted), respiratory and cardiovascular stand out as extra high, but mostly among those with very high waist circumferences. In fact, the highest waist circumference group had a 2 times greater risk of mortality than the lowest waist circumference group. 

There’s no doubt BMI is important – but regardless of just BMI, having a high waist circumference also puts you at risk of mortality. Time to measure your waist…and then read the article over here

IMAGE: hobbs_luton


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