About bloody time

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Tiredness and anaemia, time off work, cost of sanitary measures, inconvenience to lifestyle and relationships – whatever the consequence, heavy menstrual bleeding can have a real impact on affected individuals.  There are heaps of options, ranging from a few dollars to thousands, and given dissatisfaction rates with each, trialling of several options can prove even more expensive to the consumer.  Fortunately, a systematic review and meta-analysis of 30 trials published in the BMJ has provided an excellent overview of treatments for heavy bleeding.

The “old-school” approach of hysterectomy, has now been replaced by endometrial destruction approaches such as roller ball and microwave ablation, and more recently by intrauterine devices such as Mirena.  The authors found that more women were dissatisifed with endometrial destruction techniques that after hysterectomy and that similar rates of dissatisfaction were seen with endometrial destruction techniques compared with Mirena. 

Interestingly, predictors of dissatisfaction for some times of endometrial destruction included length of uterine cavity and presence of fibroids and polyps – but don’t forget the complications that come with doing a hysterectomy. Endometrial destruction offered quicker surgery, shorter hospital stay, faster recovery periods and return to normal activities, less postoperative pain and a lower incidence of urinary tract infections perioperatively.

People are unhappy with everything – but less unhappy with certain things. Find out more over here.

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