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You might remember the ongoing controversy regarding the cardiovascular side effects of rosiglitazone that we published a little while back – basically, that the risk of MI was higher in patients taking rosiglitazone compared with pioglitazone. New evidence suggests that that may not be true…

This study from Circ Outcomes looked at patients who newly started either of the thiazolidinediones between 2001 and 2005, and found that the rate of AMI/heart failure/death was roughly equivalent between the two groups – the hazard ratio was all of 1.03 with a confidence interval that crossed 1, and a non-significant p-value of 0.666. 

Is there really a difference? Considering there is an alternative out there to rosiglitazone, it may be safer to stick to it – then again, are the other studies flawed? The prospective trial that was planned has been halted by the FDA, so we’re not really going to get a decent answer there for the moment. 

Only time will tell – until then, read the story over here

IMAGE: Gabriel Gonzalez


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