The numbers to take your breath away

File:Pulmonary embolism scintigraphy PLoS.png

We recently put up a link to a great review on pulmonary embolism, but how do you predict just how bad this particular PE will be? It’s yet another scoring system – but this one has been simplified. 

Remember these six things:

  • age
  • cancer
  • chronic cardiopulmonary disease
  • heart rate
  • systolic blood pressure
  • oxygen saturation
These actually come from a bigger list called PESI (pulmonary embolism severity index), which has 11 variables. The authors of this article trimmed the fat a little and removed the variables that didn’t statistically matter, and came up with this modified PESI score, from which you can calculate the likelihood of 30 day mortality.

Check out more about this over at the Archives here

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