The big finger

File:Disposable nitrile glove.jpg

Digital rectal examinations are the first step when it comes to assessing a man’s prostate, be it for malignancy or otherwise. This time it’s not the length of the doctor’s finger, but the patient’s that might predict the risk of prostate cancer – that’s right, it’s time to measure the fingers…

This study from the BJU looked at 366 men over the age of 40, and separated them into two groups according to the ratio of the finger length between the 2nd and 4th digits. Group A, with a ratio of <0.95, had a higher average PSA, and a higher risk of prostate cancer – with a significant odds ratio of 3.22. 

A different kind of finger examination – and a bit more pleasant for the patient. A bigger study in this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, so keep any eye out for the follow up. Read it over here

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