Not just the physical


You know the top ten risk factors for strokes. You’ve read about the management of strokes. Even though strokes are often diagnosed based on their physical manifestations, it’s not just these that prevent a return to normal function. In fact, the cognitive impairment can be fairly significant – but as is always the question, how significant?

Predictors of cognitive dysfunction have been studied before (this article actually combines the studies nicely), such as temperature, diabetes, and previous stroke, and more advanced imaging techniques, such as diffusion tensor imaging and magnetization transfer imaging can assess white matter connectivity…but before I carry on too much, why not just read the article over at the Lancet Neurology? 

Check it out here. If you’re wanting to read more about stroke in general, have a read here, and don’t forget to look at the top ten risk factors for stroke

IMAGE: Marvin 101


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