Preventing a big MRStAke

MRSA is no joke ( we are getting better at treating it) – resistant infections in the post surgical setting are not uncommon and early and effective treatment is critical to determining outcomes. The last thing you need after a major heart operation is to be held back by the wound. So, what’s better than treatment? Prevention. 

This study from the US looked at preventing MRSA after cardiac surgery, using a system of giving intranasal mupirocin ointment for all patients 5 days before surgery, and prophylactic vancomycin to patients who were known to have MRSA. The mupirocin ointment was also used on the sites where the chest tubes were removed. 

The results were outstandingly significant – a reduction in post operative MRSA wound infections by 93%, with no change in the non-cardiac surgery patients. Run this as a massive randomised controlled trial a few times and it will become standard of care – so get the jump early and read more about it all over here



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