case | horse bite

File:Biandintz eta zaldiak - modified2.jpg

Bit of a hiatus on medjuice recently – so we’ve returned with an interesting case. Most of the major journals publish interesting cases on a regular basis, and here’s a chance to catch up on some of the really interesting ones. 

Bit abstract to start with – a 37 year old previously high functioning lawyer, with a hobby for horses, presenting with  fever, headache, and nausea. CSF showed a high leucocyte count, and she went on to grow S. equi – the bacteria that causes strangles in horses – and in fact she had been bitten by her horse just a week prior. 

Tells you a couple of things – it’s always important to take a good history, and now is a good time to read about meningitis. For all you horse lovers out there, the story is here

IMAGE: Mikel Ortega/Richard Bartz


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