The hidden culprit

So with all the saga about PPIs fighting with clopidogrel, there are lots of studies coming out to properly assess whether there is or isn’t an interaction (ask your local cardiologist – debate will ensue). A Danish group however decided to look at it differently – what if it’s just the PPI that’s the problem?

Using the massive registries they have over there, they looked at all patients discharged after their first myocardial infarction, and compared rehospitalisation rates for those on just a PPI or those who got both clopidogrel and a PPI – and both groups had a hazard ratio of 1.29 at 30 days after discharge. 

Interesting observation – but there are many limitations (especially confounders) to doing a study in this way, many of which they highlight in the study itself. A good article to read and carefully interpret before making any bigger judgements – read it over at the Annals of Internal Medicine here

IMAGE: idleman


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