Eating away what eats away at you


The right diet and exercise is always the number one basic public health line – if you do those two things right, you’ll be healthier. It’s not just about cardiovascular health though – turns out that it really might work in preventing colorectal cancer. 

This study from Denmark, published in the BMJ was a prospective cohort looking at over 55,000 patients and comparing the incidence of colorectal cancer with a lifestyle index, made up of:

  • physical activity
  • waist circumference
  • smoking
  • alcohol intake
  • diet
    • dietary fibre
    • energy from fat
    • red and processed meat
    • fruit and vegetables
For every point a patient earned on this index, the risk of colorectal cancer dropped – the authors postulate that if all five recommendations were followed, 23% of colorectal cancer could be prevented. 

Just another reason to be eating right – educate your patients after reading the article here


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