The return of the VTE


Generally, venous thromboembolism is split into two groups – the provoked and the unprovoked, with it being well known that unprovoked VTE usually carries a much higher risk of recurrence. This meta-analysis from JAMA looks a little further – what’s the difference between the provoked ones?

So overall, if you have a provoked VTE, the rate of recurrence was 3.3% at 24 months – but if it was surgically provoked, it’s actually on 0.7%, if not, the rate is 4.2% (unprovoked is much higher at 7.4%). 

There you go – take a careful history with VTE – it does matter what started it in terms of recurrence – will this carry on to anticoagulation guidelines? Ask your friendly haematologist after reading up here

IMAGE: Dr. James Heilman


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