Easy as ABC..DDDI

Medicine is increasingly becoming out prediction and risk stratification, especially in conditions where you get an early warning – angina and MI, or in this case, TIA and stroke. All this while, the ABCD2 score has been used to stratify early stroke risk – using age, blood pressure, clinical features, duration of symptoms, and diabetes as the determing factors. When patients present with symptoms of a TIA, they often get carotid ultrasound and cerebral imaging of some form – why not include that in the score?

That’s what this study from the Lancet Neurology looks at – creating a new score (ABCD3I)  which includes those extra factors. It did improve risk stratification after a TIA – but it’s probably going to need some more validation before it gets into practice. 

Check out the new and the old here

IMAGE: Arning/Grzyska


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