The virus in your CAP


The number of times people get told that their coughs or colds need antibiotics is astounding, but often these infections start as a respiratory virus (like the rhinovirus above) – and then get superinfected. A lot of us carry these virus without symptoms as well. This isn’t new however – but what does it mean? Is the type of virus actually significant?

This study out of Chest looks at a group of healthy controls and adults with CAP (community acquired pneumonia), and then compared the viral groups. Of course the viruses were more common in the CAP group – not unexpected – but if you look at the actual numbers, only about 25% of patients with CAP had significant involvement by a virus. 

The study didn’t actually look at nonviral aetiologies for CAP however, and it’s difficult to say whether it was the virus or other things that caused the presentation and controlled the course of the disease. Basically, respiratory viruses are more common than previously noted – but we’re still not sure what that means…

Read all about it here

IMAGE: Robin S


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