The social network

UPDATE – the Australian guidelines (including a video) are over here. Video after the break. 

Original post below. 

So many of us are on Facebook or some form of social network, but that can make things tricky when your patients can look you up. For that reason, the AMA (from the US) have released a collection of guidelines about professionalism when using social networks. 

There are a couple of main themes:

  • maintain patient privacy and confidentiality
  • safeguard your own persona information
  • maintain the boundaries of the patient-physician relationship
  • keep the personal and professional information separate
  • let colleagues (and sometimes authorities) know if they post unprofessional content
  • actions online can affect your reputation and career

Nothing too out of the ordinary, but it is an important reminder that websites like Facebook make your personal life far more public than you might expect. 

Interesting reminder – check out the link here

IMAGE: daveynin, AMA
Hat tip: Medgadget

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