Can’t touch this

File:Kinect Sensor at E3 2010 (front).jpg

UPDATE: Not just radiologists anymore – check out surgeons having a go over here

Back to back technology posts, I know, but this one is damn cool. Looking through CT scans on the computer and scrolling through with your mouse can be monotonous – but what if you could throw them up on the screen, move them with your hands, and zoom in and out?

The Microsoft Kinect is a new peripheral for the Xbox 360, cashing in on the whole motion control phenomenon in gaming started by the Wii. Unlike the Wii however (or the Playstation Move for that matter), the Kinect doesn’t use a controller – it uses a 3D camera to look for the position of your body in space, and uses you as the controller. 

Gaming wise, things have been fairly hit and miss. Luckily, the hacking community has figured out how to hook it up to a computer, resulting in this combination where a radiologist and computer scientist put the two together to control a CT with your hands alone. 

Certainly would spice up those radiology meetings – check out the demonstration here. 

IMAGE: James Pfaff


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