The new wave

File:Afib ecg.jpg

We’ve talked about the new range of anticoagulants before, and week by week we’re seeing more and more trials comparing the latest against warfarin. This issue of NEJM checks out apixaban, a direct Xa inhibitor, in atrial fibrillation. 

Looking at almost 5,600 patients in a double blinded randomised controlled trial, patients with AF who weren’t suitable for warfarin were either given apixaban or aspirin. The difference was so marked that the trial was stopped early, with more than twice the number of events in the aspirin group. Bleeding was not statistically significantly increased with apixaban. 

So, if you can’t have warfarin, apixaban may be the go. Now we just need to see the trial that will take on warfarin in AF…in the meantime, check this one out here

IMAGE: J Heuser


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