Cabbage tropfest

File:Heart saphenous coronary grafts.jpg

Often puts you in a dilemma – your patient has just had CABGs and the troponins are high. You know it’s going to go up after having open heart surgery, but what does the actual number mean? How high is too high?

As you might expect, the higher the number, the worse the mortality rates – and that’s not just in the short term but the long term as well. This study from JAMA looked at almost 20,000 patients (that’s not a typo), and found that both CK-MB and troponin were both independently associated with increased mortality in the intermediate and long term. 

Of course this is just data trawled from old studies after a PubMed search, but would be a great topic for a prospective review. 

Check it out here. If you were thinking of the other Tropfest, it’s over here

IMAGE: Patrick J Lynch


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