Heartburn or broken bone

File:Cdm hip fracture 343.jpg

PPIs are extremely common – and they seem to be getting into a lot of trouble. This latest study from the Archives looked at the potential interaction between PPIs and bisphosphonates – and it’s not looking good for those with reflux and osteoporosis

More news on bisphosphonates by the way, out of JAMA – it suggests that bisphosphonates in the long term may not prevent hip fractures after all, potentially by inhibiting normal bone remodelling. Link is here

Polypharmacy is most common in the elderly, but aside from that, many patients are are on both PPIs and bisphosphonates. In this month of the Archives of Internal Medicine, when looking at over 38,000 people in an observational registry based study, they found a dose dependent loss of protection against hip fracture. This is looking at alendronate only, and due to the type of study it’s difficult to make a big call, but definitely needs a closer look. 

Check it out here

IMAGE: Booyabazooka


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