Again and again and again…

A new study out of the BMJ has been looking at gender differences in terms of recurrence of venous thromboembolism – and it turns out that men are much more likely than women to get it again. 

About twice as much risk in fact, when it comes to unprovoked VTE. The study looked at just over 2,500 patients across seven prospective trials, with a one year incidence of recurrence of 5.3% in women and 9.5% in men. Even more impressive is the three year recurrence – 9.1% in women and 19.7% in men. The risk is still high even if you adjust for those women who had a hormone associated thrombotic event. For provoked VTE, there was no major difference between men and women. 

This might mean that men are more likely to require lifelong anticoagulation – and further studies are going to be required to explain the difference. 

Catch up on this hotly debated study over here

IMAGE: Mr. Thinktank


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