Earthquake in Japan (updated)

UPDATE: The Cochrane Collaboration have released EvidenceAid – a collection of resources for free regarding best practice for the relevant healthcare interventions. 

This is health on a global scale – an 8.9 scale earthquake on the coast of north eastern Japan, with the potential to be one of the bigger disasters the world has seen in recent years. It’s not just the earthquake – there are several more problems coming:

Here’s the issue list:

  • the earthquake
  • fires, particularly at refineries
  • tsunami, both for Japan and for several Pacific Islands
  • damage to local nuclear power plants

Health is going to be a massive issue now, not just from direct injuries, but also in relation to sewerage, spread of disease, stagnant water, radiation exposure, burns – the list goes on. 

If you know people in Japan and you’re trying to find them, try and contact them immediately. You can also use Google’s Person Finder to get their name up. The DFAT hotline is 1300 555 135. 

If you want to help, then the Red Cross is probably your best bet. They’re on the ground now and have started to help. Also check out Global Giving, here. If you want to get hands on and you’ve got the required training, then contact MSF


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