Taking your tablet

It’s definitely no secret – the iPad 2 will be coming out in Australia this Friday, the 25th of March (but at 5pm). It’s thinner, lighter, faster and has some cameras – but otherwise it’s about the same as the first one. If you didn’t have an iPad before, it’s worth considering – but what use do you have for an iPad in medicine?

Stanford University were handing out iPads to their medical students, and now we get to see the fruits of their labours. The video below outlines all the uses they’ve found for their iPad – listening to lectures while annotating the PDFs of the slides, using QuickOffice and syncing with the cloud – the list goes on. 

Check out the video below, or more news over at the SCOPE blog. Just a warning – it’s a long one. The breakdown is below. 

  • QuickOffice with Google Docs and Powerpoint files at 3:40
  • iAnnotate tips at 8:30
  • AV Player HD at 13:40
  • Listening to lecture and taking notes at the same time at 8:53
  • Medical apps for iPad at 18:24
  • Anki Flashcards 24:11

If you are surgically minded, check this out on bringing your iPad to theatre. Talking about theatre, another piece of technology has made its way in – the Microsoft Kinect. Basically a cheap 3D camera, surgeons in Toronto are trying to use it as a hands free method of looking through radiology – while staying scrubbed.
The Kinect allows a simple wave of your hand to  look through the CT scan. This isn’t completely new – we talked about radiologists doing this before – but this is a fantastic application in theatre. 

Watch it in action over here courtesy of The Globe and Mail. 


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