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There are so many different scoring systems and formulas to remember, but not all of them are clinically useful, which can mean wasting time wading through the masses. What would be nice is a website with a list of the clinically relevant and useful sites that can be you used to actually help you improve patient care – which is exactly what we have in MDCalc. 

This website, run by a resident in the US, has a list of equations and scores, and of special note, references them at the bottom so you can refer back to the original article. A fantastic resource that should the first stop when you’re thinking about correcting hyponatraemia or prognosticating an MI – it’s here

If you’re looking to take this site mobile, there’s plans for an iPhone and Android app to be released later this year. If you’ve noticed anything missing, make sure you send them an email (include the article/reference where it comes from!) and they’ll add it in pretty quickly. 


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