review | pharmacogenomics

Every patient is different – just look at warfarin dosing. For some, only 1 or 2 mg is enough, whereas others require over 10mg. What makes the difference? At least part of it is understanding the genetics behind it, and over the past 10 years, this area has exploded. 

It’s not just warfarin either. The clopidogrel and PPI debate pushed this topic to the fore, after investigation of CYP2C19. In areas such as infectious disease and malignancy, understanding that your drug is going to be effective in a particular patient and not rendered useless due to genetic variants is critical. This review from the New England looks at these and more, and tells you what you need to know about this critical topic. 

The future of treatment is not just about understanding treatment, but understanding your patient. Check it out here

One more thing – we mentioned warfarin as an area where genetics plays a role. If you’re thinking about dosing warfarin, check out this website, which if you have all the right information, can give you a very accurate dosing strategy. 

IMAGE: misterbisson


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