Not rosi at all

It’s all very back and forth with rosiglitazone – some people say it’s bad, where others come out and say there’s no difference. Still, most endocrinologists would shy away from using it, especially when there are other options on the market. Who to trust?

The BMJ has published a review of observational studies (not the best evidence, but there aren’t any prospective RCTs out there), looking at about 810,000 users of rosiglitazone, and found that there was a significantly higher risk of AMI, heart failure, and death. 

It’s looking more and more like it’s not the drug to be used, and in Europe, it’s off the market. In Australia, it’s been restricted with a boxed warning about using it in ischaemic heart disease. 

Read the full BMJ review over here – and start thinking about some alternatives. 

IMAGE: Vicci


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