Don’t put a foot wrong

Datei:DFS bei AVK.jpg

Diabetes. Bad. Diabetic feet. Really bad. Any podiatrist will tell you – if you’ve got diabetes, you’ve really got to pay close attention to your feet. Between the peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease, combined with a relative immunosuppression, diabetic foot infections can go unnoticed (by both patients and doctors), and people can end up in a real mess. So, what to do?

Turn to the guidelines! NICE have released a set of guidelines encompassing assessment, management and important red flags to keep an eye for, in their usual concise fashion. It’s a great read and essential for all since we’re dealing with diabetes on such a regular basis. 

Next time you have a diabetic patient, don’t forget to examine them from head to toe – after you’ve read this

IMAGE: ApoPfleger


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