UMAT falls flat

File:Icon-round-Question mark.jpg

For those of you entering Australian medical schools as undergraduates, you’d all know about the dreaded UMAT. Aside from the regular school curriculum it was a test designed to test other aspects of thinking – logical reasoning and problem solving, ‘understanding people’, and non-verbal reasoning. But how ‘reasonable’ is it?

This study from the MJA is one that many students have thought about for a long time, and it’s nice to see some academics from the University of Queensland actually testing it out. They compared UMAT results with scores in university – and the correlation was pretty weak. They conclude with “UMAT does not seem to have useful validity in terms of predicting academic performance at university. ” Pretty clear there. 

Check out the full article over here – and have a think about how you would want to change the selection process. 


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