Why children die

A grim topic no doubt, but it’s important to understand epidemiology when targeting systemic interventions. In the 50s, mortality was mainly in children less than 4 years old – now, it’s in the group aged between 10 and 24. Why?

There have been significant reductions in disease generally, but it’s still the main cause of death for children and young women. The frightening statistic is that injury is the main cause of death in men in the 10-24 age group – something that can be prevented. Violence and suicide are on the increase since the turn of the millenium, and non-communicable disease also takes up a significant chunk of mortality in kids. 

Lot of great stats and graphs to sink your teeth into, and it’s nicely broken down into different areas around the world, along with age groups. Read it at the Lancet, here



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