Rival treatments

When it comes to cardiology, one of the major focuses over the past 10 years has been PCI and angiography. It’s such a standard basic procedure – lie on the table, femoral cannulation, and image the coronaries – but now people may be changing the standard…

For a while now, some cardiologists have been trying the radial approach rather than the femoral, but complication rates have been varied. Certainly, compression is easier in the area but since the anatomy is less familiar, the whole approach to the coronaries is a bit different. 

This study from the Lancet, RIVAL, compared 7000 patients across 32 countries (big study!), using a composite (dammit) endpoint as a primary outcome. 

The rate of death, MI, or stroke at 30 days was the same between the groups, but with less major bleeding and less haematoma formation. 

Similar efficacy, less negative effects – definitely read this study further because it’s going to change the way future cardiologists perform PCI. 

Read it over here

IMAGE denn


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