Big list, little organs

Not enough of us donate organs – it’s a simple fact. If you’ve worked in intensive care, ED or in a transplant job, you know how hard it is to come by organs and how much work gets put in to choosing the right people. The flip side of course is watching someone who is waiting for a transplant die of their chronic disease – and there’s nothing more you can do.

Except just print off another organ of course! This concept from Tony Atala and the people at Wake Forest brings the idea of growing organs closer to reality. They use biomaterials to create a scaffold for cells to grow and mold onto, forming a fully functioning organ using the patient’s own cells – using a cell printer. 

What’s more, it’s already been done with a bladder. This concept is going to save lives and as with all TED shows, it‘s a great video – when you get a minute, watch it here.

IMAGE jurvetson


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