One year of medjuice

Time flies! It’s been one year of medjuice (check out the first post!) and over 200 topics covered. I’ve definitely enjoyed keeping you up to date and definitely want to thank each and every one of the readers out there, as well as those following on Twitter and Facebook.

Medicine has always been about helping someone else – it’s the classic line of the medical interview. For me, medjuice is more than just providing information and keeping up to date – I want to make this much bigger. There are plans in place to make this into a free, fresh medical resource, a reliable collection of information that will be available to all. Furthermore, I’m hoping to create some revenue raising opportunities with 100% of the funds earned heading to charitable foundations, such as MSF, RFDS, and more (please suggest!).

In regards to the medical resource side of things, I’d appreciate if you guys have found any great medical sites, pictures, books, or anything else that you have found particularly useful along the way (like some of the sites I’ve shared over the past few months). Sometimes it just takes one particular resource to suddenly switch a light on in your head to help you understand something, and it’s exactly those resources that I want to put together. 

This will all take a while, but it’s definitely on the cards – and I’m definitely going to need some help along the way. I hope you guys have enjoyed the work so far, and if you’ve got any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for reading!

IMAGE Will Clayton


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