Staying upright

File:Dopamine HCl.JPG

Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonism are becoming an increasingly more recognised phenomenon, and the management plans vary greatly between different clinicians. Furthermore, it’s not just about the movement only – cognition and posture play a role also, and this review in the Lancet Neurology runs us through the latter. 

Although you can probably picture the typical Parkinsonian posture in your head, it’s important to break down the individual issues to be dealt with, for example camptocormia (the forward flexed posture), antecollis, the Pisa syndrome, and scoliosis.

Often the postural elements are difficult to manage with medications alone, and this review nicely underlines the importance of understanding the mechanisms behind the postural deformities. Have a read over at the Lancet Neurology, here

IMAGE Intropin

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