Diagnosed with a stroke of luck

File:AcuteStroke HE400x.jpg

Slurred speech, unilateral weakness, facial droop – it’s not hard to put these together as a likely cerebrovascular accident, but not everyone presents classically. In fact, the most concerning presentations are those that are missed early, because a great deal of stroke management these days is all about time. 

This article nicely runs us through the atypical presentations of acute cerebrovascular syndromes, in a review from the Lancet – check it out over here

Meanwhile, over in the New England Journal this month, there is a fantastic review on thrombolysis in stroke, which is becoming increasingly topical as more and more people receive this potentially life changing treatment. Of course, there is ongoing debate regarding the optimal timing and in which cases it can and can’t be used, which makes this article all the better. Some of these tables are those that you’ll want to keep in the back pocket – have a look at this one here

If you want more about strokes, just search for ‘stroke’ in the top left hand corner – or click here.


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