The wearable ECG

As the medical and mobile world collide, people are coming up with some great uses for technology. Outside of medicine, the cloud (including Apple’s new iCloud) is playing a bigger role in the way we live our lives, allowing us to detach from needing a desktop.

So let’s start bringing that to the medical world, shall we? This fantastic idea, reported by the good folk over at TechCrunch, uses a single monitor and a band around your chest to record a 12 lead ECG. There’s just one dangly wire (rather than the usual four thousand that are hanging off a Holter) to connect, and it wirelessly communicates with your mobile device to record the ECG. Even better, it can be directly sent over the air to the hospital, cardiologist, or local medical practitioner for an instant review.

The whole contraption is relatively affordable, at $500 for the device and a free app, and can hook up with iOS, Android, or Blackberry.

It used to be about getting to the patient to the hospital – now it’s time to bring the hospital to the patient. Check out this idea at TechCrunch and at SHL Telemedicine.

Oh, and why not update yourself on ECGs – just in case this really does catch on…

IMAGE SHL Telemedicine


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