The cucumber triad

Not long ago, a major health crisis broke out in Germany (and across the world, really), when the haemolytic uraemic syndrome tore through the area, with hundreds of people affected. Although reports were strewn across the web, of variable accuracy, the New England Journal of Medicine has now provided an early summary of what exactly went down. 

To give you a brief:

  • It was due to an E. Coli, but not the usual type – this was was typed as O104:H4 (not the O157 as seen previously)
  • There were a total of 3222 cases afected by E. Coli gastroenteritis
    • 39 deaths
    • 810 developed haemolytic uraemic syndrome
    • Affected mostly adults (89%) and women (68%)
    • median age was just 43 years of age
  • In regards to the bug…
    • all strains resistant to beta lactams and third generation cephalosporins
    • partial resistance to fluoroquinolones
    • sensitive to carbapenems and ciprofloxacin
A great article with some excellent descriptive pictures. If you want the true medical analysis as to what happened (and is still happening), then have a read over here

Something similar over at the Lancet here


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