That sugary statin

Ah, statins, They are the wonder drug after all, but eventually for all the yang there has to be a yin, and a recent study seems to point to statins being a little too sweet for their own good. 

This meta-analysis in JAMA looked at 5 big statin trials (with over 30,000 participants altogether), and of those, the risk of new-onset diabetes was higher in the intensive dose group, with an odds ratio of 1.12. 

That said, there were less cardiovascular events in the intensive therapy group – and odds ratio of 0.84. 

The number needed to harm was 498 (for diabetes), while the number needed to treat was 155 (cardiovascular events). 

So despite the association between intensive dose statin therapy and an increased risk of new onset diabetes, NNT for cardiovascular events was lower. 

Definitely would love a randomised controlled trial here, but not sure anyone will be willing to after seeing those cardiovascular number. Keep an eye out for one anyway – let me know if you hear of it. 

Until then, read this here. 

IMAGE Uwe Hermann


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